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Dear Fellow Members & Supporters,

    The Norton-March Aircrew Association, Inc., dba Norton-March Alumni Association (NMAA) was registered and incorporated in California in 2015 as a non-profit 501 (c)3 Military Veterans charitable organization. NMAA was established in 2015 to foster relationship among members, and provide assistance to military and veterans organizations or possibly needy individual veterans. We honor the dedication and duty of former and current Military and Civilian Alumni from those who served at Norton AFB, CA through it's closure in 1992 and March ARB/AFB, CA past and present. The Norton-March Alumni Association was inially established by former Aircrew members of the 445 MAW and 452 AMW. The Association is open to any and all of those who served at Norton & March over the years, whether you were Active or Reserve, Aircrew or Support, Military or Civilian. It is also open to any non-alumni Members or Businesses who would like to support us and our interests.
     There have been several organized get-togethers BBQ-Cookouts, even Breakfast or Lunches at local restaurants over the years. However a more formal Reunion was initiated in 2012. We have made the commitment starting in 2015 to continue to bring former and current members together with a more formal Bi-Annual Reunion (social gathering) every two years, as well as off-year BBQs, picnics and Get-togethers. Our objectives are to support and help rekindle friendships with fellow friends and/or personnel you have served with. As mentioned above, we also organized ourselves as a Veterans Charitable organization. Our additional mission developed into Charitable organization to assist other Military or Veterans organizations as well as needy individual military personnel and their families. Your support in joining as a member goes a long way to also assist us in helping them. Your addiional 'Tax-free' donations are alway appreciated.
     We hope that you will join us at this years Bi-Annual Reunion this year in Riverside, CA. Please see the information on the 2017 Reunion pages for more detailed information. More downloadable information is on our main web-site at The 2017 Reunion is being held May 18-20, 2017 and include various fun event options over three days to bring us all together again, rekindle friendships or make new ones. Our Reunions always merge in with a monthly UTA, in order for the NMAA to be an ongoing support vehicle for the 452nd AMW, especially for those Military and Civilian members that are still out there pounding the ramp and flying round the clock manning or supporting the Missions.

Thank you for your support, and hope you can come out and enjoy yourself at our Reunions and Off-year get togethers.


Tim Wrighton

Col Timothy J. Wrighton, USAF, (Ret.)
President/CEO - Norton-March Alumni Association